A Game Engineering Special Interest Group

Upcoming Events

  • 06/10/2017 - Sixth Annual GameSIG Intercollegiate Computer Game Showcase to be held at the Cal State Fullerton Titan Student Union pavilion A,B & C, beginning at 12:30 PM on Saturday June 10, 2017. Parking is free in the State College parking structure (SCPS) adjacent to the Titan Student Union. Following the showcase enjoy a reception featuring local gourmet food trucks, game demonstrations by the student developers, and networking.  Put on your game face and come to cheer your favorite school, watch demos and play finalists & semi-finalist's games. Watch for finalist selection and further updates.

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How to submit a game (go to Showcase->guidelines for details):
1) Create a 3 to 5 minute video that demos your gameplay and upload it to Youtube;
2) Submit a one page PDF overview that includes a link to your Youtube video;
3) Upoad your PDF via this Web site within the specified date range.

Past Events

  • 05/07/2016 - Fifth Annual GameSIG Intercollegiate Computer Game Showcase was held at the UCI Applied Innovation building at 1:00 PM on Saturday May 7, 2016. Following the competition, there was a reception with game demos from 4:00 to 6:00 PM. The Orange County Big Three Universities and many other local colleges and high schools competed.
  • 05/09/2015 - Fourth Annual GameSIG Intercollegiate Computer Game Showcase was held at Chapman University in the Sandhu Conference Center beginning at noon on Saturday May 9, 2015. Following the competition, there was a reception with game demos from 4:30 to 6:30 PM. The Orange County Big Three Universities and many other local schools competed. Top honors were taken by ...
  • 04/27/2014 - Third Annual GameSIG Intercollegiate Computer Game Showcase was held last year at California State University, Fullerton on May 31, 2014. Following, there was a reception with refreshments, game demos, and game-company recuiters. The Orange County Big Three Universities and many other local schools competed, and top honors were taken by the host school. Recruiters from companies like Blizzard, Disney, Google, Microsoft, Obsidian, SpaceX, Sony, and more attended.
  • 09/24/12 - Cloud Computing and Big Data: Dr. Gayn B. Winters a veteran of D.E.C., early Ethernet, Unicode, Pheonix Technology, Micro/mainframe ComputerWorld awardee, and most recently consulting in public & private Cloud technology. To download his presentation click here.
  • 08/27/12 - Advanced Propulsion Systems - Beyond Rocket Science: Dr. Don V Black, President of Digital ChoreoGraphics, Founding Chair of the IEEE GameSIG, and a veteran of the Aerospace Industry, spoke on 50 years of American rocketry from nuclear powered rocket engines to a possible future of Warp Drives and Work Holes. His presentation can be downloaded here.
  • 05/21/12 - Intrpduction to iPad/iPhone Programming: Dr Michael Shafae of The Computer Science Dept. at Cal State Fullerton (CSUF).
  • 04/28/12 - First Annual Intercollegiate Computer Game Showcase: Chapman University. Two-hour Video of 2012 Showcase is here.
  • 09/26/11 - Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networks: Dr. Dan Frost, Computer Science Dept. at UCI.
  • 08/23/20 - Scientific Visualization of Higher Dimensions: Dr. Don V Black, President of Digital ChoreoGraphics and Founding Chair of the IEEE GameSIG, accompanied by animated videos, spoke of his research in visualizing higher dimensions.
  • 06/25/07 - Developing Games for Mobile Platforms - True Stories from the Front Lines: William C. Fisher, president of Quicksilver Software, brings us his presentation on mobile game development. It includes an overview of the mobile market, the development platforms and challenges in a well-made and easy to read presentation. Presentation available here.
  • 10/23/06 - How to Survive in the Video Game Business: Presented by Brian Fargo, founder of Interplay Productions and InXile Entertainment, is also a member of GameSIG's Board of Advisors. Presentation available here.
  • 04/24/04 - Relativistic Visualization - The State of The Art: Dr Don V Black, President of Digital ChoreoGraphics and Founding Chair of the IEEE GameSIG, accompanied by animated videos, demonstrated his research in visualizing Special Relativity using computational physics and computer graphics to view objects moving at relativisitic velocities. His slides can be downloaded here.

Mission Statement

  1. Provide a forum to share knowledge and technology relevant to the game engineering disciplines.
  2. Encourage students interested in electronic game technologies to consider careers in science and engineering.
  3. Support development of electronic game industry standards.


Our interest lies primarily in the state-of-the-art of the Video/Computer game technology, both hardware and software, the future of that technology, and its application in areas such as education and family entertainment, including both stand-alone and massive multiplayer online technologies.

  1. Inter-disciplinary frameworks: We expect to implement our vision through the auspices of existing technical societies. Our role shall be to facilitate inter-discipline communication regarding those aspects of our technical societies relevant to video and computer game technology. Our goal is to not duplicate existing technical societies, but rather to identify and make available to our membership those multi-disciplinary resources relevant to game engineering. We intend to participate in existing technical society symposia and conferences, and eventually to co-sponsor Game Engineering symposia and conferences with our sister technical societies. Video and computer game technology will be addressed as an engineering discipline.
  2. Engineering Career Guidance: We fully expect to engage the millions of game playing students of all ages through this intrinsic interest, encourage their appreciation of the technology, and thus provide a conduit for the next generation to access science and engineering education.
  3. Industry Standards: The viable future of the game industry requires establishment of accepted industry standards. Our role will be to create an environment in which these standards can be developed. The IEEE is the organization most suited to this activity.

Join Us!

If you are interested in video and computer game technology, you can join us! Join our mailing list by sending us an email. Our current initiatives include:

EdutechSIG: Games in Education is an important aspect of this technology. If you have an interest in using technological resources for education, then please join the GameSIG.

Define The Future: This is a unique opportunity to help guide the formation of an IEEE Task Force. I appeal to you to volunteer your valuable time to help craft the mission statement, form the executive committee, and participate in this historical event. We will need advisors, officers, and committee members to help with a new website, newsletter, and recruiting speakers.

Game Engineering Task Force: We will be generating a formal proposal to the IEEE Computer Society TAB for a GameSIG Task Force as per our Mission Statement.